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Your watch is more than just an accessory that happens to tell the time. It’s a working machine that needs servicing regularly to maintain its function, appearance and value.
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Watch repairs offered by jewellers can include:

- Replacement of watch batteries and re-sealing
- Replacement of watch bracelets or leather straps
- Adjustment/removal of watch links on watch bracelets
- Full service of automatic and quartz watches
- Repair or replacement of clasps
- Fitting of new watch crowns
- Replacement of watch mineral glasses

Many of these services can be carried out on the same day or even while you wait, so your favourite watch will be back on your wrist before you know it.


A regular service is especially important if your watch is automatic. How often it needs to be done varies from brand to brand, but every three to five years should keep it ticking over nicely.

Servicing a watch is a hands-on, highly skilled practice that takes time to develop. If you take your watch to Matthew Stephens Jewellers, it will either be looked at personally by an accredited watchmaker or sent back to the manufacturer.

Watch repairs