Matthew Stephens jewellers staff

Ireland’s Premier Jewellers

Matthew Stephens is a well known name within the diamond industry and beyond as we are synonymous with quality and elegance. Having an onsite goldsmith and gemmologist our store has a strong diamond heritage and loyal customer base. We have a wide range of fine diamond bridal jewellery to delight as we continue to successfully nurture our bridal collection.

We Love Jewellery And Necklaces, But Most Of All Diamonds.

With an eye on what’s been worn on high street, trends on the catwalk and what’s making waves at tradeshows, we are the leader when it comes to spotting the next big thing.

We are passionate about seeking new talent and we travel the globe extensively to find it. In addition to an excellent diamond range, Matthew Stephens has thoroughly trained knowledgeable staff who will go out of their way to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. In short, customer service at our store is truly second to none.

Staff outside store