Halo Diamond Rings

We suspect halo diamond rings are the engagement ring of choice for every romance novel heroine. Classic, simple and with maximum sparkle, the halo diamond ring blends tradition, timelessness and elegance. Like the wedding band itself, a halo ring symbolises everlasting love and is by far one of the most popular styles of diamond engagement rings.

Typically, the halo design features a central gemstone encircled by smaller accent diamonds or other precious stones. This juxtaposition enhances the ring's overall brilliance and sparkle and also creates the illusion of a much larger, radiant central gemstone. 

You’ll find a dazzling array of halo diamond ring designs here at Matthew Stephens. Contact our friendly team today to arrange your exclusive appointment - one look at a Halo diamond on your finger, and you’ll fall in love (again)! 

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Our Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Gallery

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