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Ear Piercing Lounge

Matthew Stephens, Limerick’s Largest Jewellers, is delighted to announce that the much anticipated Luxury Ear Piercing Lounge now open in store with 3 Amazing new “Curated Ear” brands Astrid & Miyu, Lavz and Maria Tash in the Fashion Level of the 3 Level store in Limerick.

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What is a

Curated Ear

curated ear is having multiple ear piercings which have been carefully planned and styled to work together. Piercings are strategically placed on the ear, while jewels are expertly chosen to complement one another. With Thousands of different combinations available, these stylish and fashionable brands boasts an unrivalled selection that caters for an array of tastes and personality’s.

ear piercing examples with gold outline
staff smiling

With a dazzling selection of Barbells, Huggies, Hoops, Ear Cuffs, stacks and Cartilage earrings and a tempting array of new necklaces to choose from, the choice is endless and we just can’t get enough of this hip and fashionable trend and look. The new collections are now beautifully displayed and available to view in the Fashion Level. Pop in-store to view the entire Ear Collection. Any of the friendly and helpful staff will be delighted to offer you a private consultation and to help you to style the perfect ear. It’s quick, easy and painless (bar a slight pinch) and you have complete control over what styles or placement you want. What’s more, the girls in Matthew Stephens couldn’t be more helpful and professional; they guide you through the process patiently.