Your Summer Proposal

Summer is such a bright and beautiful time of year, enjoying the sunshine as the days are longer. Warmer weather calls for barbeques out in the back garden and visits to the beautiful oceanside.  It’s also the perfect time to make plans for the future, so what better time than summertime for an unforgettable wedding proposal? We’ve put together the best Summer Proposal ideas so you can create a magical moment for you and your partner that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Central Park Proposal

Getting Summer Ready

Typically, during the summer, there are so many events going on. Weddings, family reunions, trips away, etc. The good thing about that is you have many choices on how you want to plan the perfect proposal. You could do it at a party surround by family and friends, or have it be just the two of you during a trip away to the coastline. Just make sure wherever you plan to do it, the two of you are in the moment. With that being said, here are a few tips we have if you were looking to do a public or a private proposal...

In Front of Everyone

The best advice to give before any public proposal, make sure your partner is that type of person. Some people don't like to be the centre of attention, so they will start to feel self-conscious which then may distract them for the beautiful words you had prepared.  However, if they are the type to love the attention or don't mind, then plan away. 


If you are planning a public proposal then first things first, make sure there are no distractions and that everyone in the area knows what is going on and don't ruin your special moment. Another thing, if it is a busy setting, party, public area etc, make sure your partner can hear you. Beyond that, enjoy the beautiful moment and all the clapping and celebrations to follow immediately after.


Just the Two of You

If you are a couple that like to keep your romantic life private, then a secluded proposal is for you. Our advice, set the scene. We suggest a romantic candlelit dinner at home, or on a trip away in a hotel room, ask the reception to decorate your room with wine and rose petals. Once your scene is set, take that opportunity to tell her how much she means to you and remember to take your time, and remember to breathe. Once you get down on your knee, watch her face light up as you pull out the beautiful engagement ring of her dreams.

 Lighthouse Proposal

Capture the moment - It's not about Social media

Nowadays you see so many proposal videos and pictures up on Social media pages. Though posting it is to each their own, capturing the moment on camera has many more benefits than posting. Having that picture or that video to show your family and friends, watch them witness the beautiful romantic moment between you is something special. Not to mention years down the line, being able to share it with your children, your grandchildren. 

For public proposals, that's easy, just designate a friend or family member to capture the moment on their phone. Just make sure they know when you are going to do it, and they don't make it too obvious what is going on.

For private proposals, this can be trickier. If you are proposing at home or away in a hotel somewhere, place your phone in hidden spot to make sure she doesn't see it. Do a pre-record just to make sure you're getting what you want on the shot, and nothing is obscuring the camera lenses, or you could be out of frame. If you are away in nature, be it a hike up a mountain or one the beach somewhere, set the camera up like you're taking a photo, but secretly set it on 'video' and start recording, let her pose like a photo is being taken, then bring her attention to you.

What Follows After?

What follows after the proposal, a lifetime with your best friend of course, but we are talking about right after. Tears will be coming down, happy excited jumping, and lots of hugging and kissing. Enjoy it! Take in all the joy you're feeling during that moment, treasure it, as life will have its ups and downs, but always remember that special moment, and why ye chose each other in the first place.

**All Photos on page are engagement photos from our wonderful costumers